Last Men Standing

Unregistered Members.

This is the list of all the members of the clan, if you wish to be a registered member and achieve special rewards from the clan then click on registered members link or the side or click here and click the join site option at the top right.

To achieve a higher rank just contribute to the clan by getting more members to join or making forums, or even by playing alot of clan matches.



Hitmanchris 94           Smithyy93

Vice Leader

No vice leaders at this time.


       Lightning poop1                        Blue II Blitz


           Lance gp                           RIPSAWRYAN                         Sammy365


           Taggaj 94                        Assassin Reecey


JAKEISLEGENDX65                          Stripysheep                            Sargey1

             v7point0                      SolarApocalypse                EvilJimReaper